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Essure Patients No Longer Required to Test for Nickel Allergy

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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers report that thousands of women dealing with injuries related to the permanent birth control procedure Essure may suffer severe and permanent injuries. According to reports, one of the common causes for complication resulting from the use of Essure is a nickel allergy. The metal coils used in the implants are made of titanium steel and a little nickel. Women with nickel allergies, however, may not be the best candidates for the procedure.

Unfortunately, many Essure patients are not tested for nickel allergies prior to having the coils implanted. When the device was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2002, women were advised to have a skin test before the device was implanted. However, those restrictions were changed shortly after July 2011 when the manufacturer asked the FDA to remove the skin test warning. Essure’s manufacturer later advised the health care professionals of the label change and used the change to market the device to more women.

Personal Injury Lawyers Question Why the Nickel Allergy Testing Requirement Was Dropped

Although the current Essure label does provide a warning about nickel allergies, it is no longer required that patients are tested for the allergy. Many patients would like to know why. If the FDA thought that should be a requirement of the drug’s approval in 2002, some women wonder what caused them to make the change a few years later.

In addition to the potential reactions related to nickel allergies, Essure patients are also at risk for other serious medical concerns. In fact, Bayer recently sought FDA permission to make changes to Essure’s patient information booklet. The company will revise the booklets to include information concerning its most common side effects—chronic pelvic pain and migration of the device. In many cases, the device has led to women require additional surgeries, including hysterectomies.

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  1. crystal adkinscrystal adkins01-17-2014

    I had no idea I was allergic to Nickle. Mine was done in 2010 and no allergy test was done, why not if they were still doing it until 2011? Due to the horrible pain my doc. removed them and had to perform a partial hysterectomy. I was 26 years old. I’ve never had so much pain for a constant 2 month period.

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