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Philadelphia and New Jersey Personal Injury Practice Areas Overview

At Messa & Associates, our focus is on helping people who suffer catastrophic injury and death due to negligence, such as all types of accident cases and medical malpractice. Click on each link below to discovery more about our key areas of practice.

If you or a loved one was injured and you need legal advice, contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer or a New Jersey personal injury lawyer at our law firm today for a free consultation.


Airplane Crashes

Airplane crashes can be caused by a multitude of different reasons. Certainly, not all reasons are the same but they all have the potential of bringing about devastating results in the lives of those affected by the accidents. Those reasons include:

Alcohol Related Injuries

Dram shop liability laws in Pennsylvania cover places of business including bars, clubs, liquor stores and restaurants as well as private events that serve alcohol to someone who is already visibly intoxicated or underage who then goes on to break the law or get in an accident that injures themselves or others.

Birth Injuries

Common birth injuries include mental retardation, cerebral palsy, shoulder dysplacia, and brachial plexus.

Brain Injury

Losing the ability to think clearly and to make decisions or to do some of the simple acts that are a part of everyone’s life is perhaps the most difficult and life-changing event many people will ever undergo.

Bus Accidents

Being the victim of a bus accident can be just as devastating as any other type of vehicle accident injury.

Business Litigation

Business litigation lawyers help with partnership and business disputes.

Construction and Work-Related Injuries

Construction injury attorneys help victims with the workplace injuries, which can include machinery accidents, fires, explosions, negligence, or defective products.

Fire and Explosion

Common cases that our fire and explosion attorneys handle include failures in electrical systems, household products and appliances, smoke detectors, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, chemical and plant explosions, and home and business fires.

Medical Malpractice

Our medical malpractice lawyers have experience with birth-related injuries, failure to diagnose cancer, spinal cord injuries, infections, strokes, emergency room malpractice, brain injuries, and wrongful death claims.

Misdiagnosis / Failure to Diagnose Cancer

Although cancer is one of the most studied and diagnosed diseases in the world, it is often misdiagnosed. The failure or misdiagnosis of cancer often occurs because of physician error or failure to listen and carefully consider the descriptions of a patient’s circumstances and complaints and then take the necessary steps to ascertain the cause of those complaints. Although this can be as simple as an x-ray or biopsy, doctors do not always take the time to investigate the cause of a patient’s complaints and make a proper diagnosis.

Motorcycle Accidents

Messa & Associates, P.C. knows that for motorcyclists, the enjoyment of their experience on the road is almost unmatched by any other type of vehicle.

Nursing Home Injuries

Finally being able to make the decision to help a loved one move into a nursing home is difficult and nursing home neglect attorneys Messa & Associates are aware of the emotional upheaval that often accompanies these decisions.

Other Serious Injury and Civil Litigation Matters

Other serious injury cases that our injury lawyers manage include injuries from equipment, swimming pools, bodies of water, and more.

Pharmaceutical/Drug Product Injuries

As defective drug lawyers, we litigate damages caused by Vioxx, Phen-Fen, Ephedra, and Zyprexa.

Premise Liability

If you are injured on stairs, elevators, escalators, floors, sidewalks, or parking lots, our premise liability attorneys may be able to help you recover damages.

Products Liability

Our products liability attorneys understand the danger of manufacturing defects and design defects of various products, ranging from scaffolding and forklifts to motor vehicles and industrial equipment.

Railroad Injuries/F.E.L.A.

When a railroad worker is injured on the job, the right to compensation is governed by a federal law known as the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (F.E.L.A.).

Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, both to the injured person and to this person’s loved ones. Messa & Associates has successfully handled hundreds if serious spinal cord injury cases.

Toxic Substance Injuries

Toxic substances can cause serious injuries that may even lead to fatality.

Transportation and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accident lawyers at Messa and Associates help victims of truck, railroad, car, motorcycle, airplane, bus, boat, automobiles, helicopter and boat accidents seek compensation for losses.

Trucking Accidents

Messa & Associates, P.C. are trucking accident lawyers that know what the law can do for you if you are involved in a truck accident.

Wrongful Death

The death of a loved one is never easy on anyone. Wrongful death lawyers Messa & Associates know that a crisis in life that results in the death of someone for a reason that relates to negligence of another is, at best, difficult.

If you or a loved one was injured and you need legal advice, contact a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer or a New Jersey personal injury attorney at our law firm today for a free consultation.

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