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Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Litigation Process

Learn about the different steps in the litigation process for a motorcycle accident lawsuit in Pennsylvania and how you can best prepare yourself for court from Messa & Associates.

A motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania or anywhere is a stressful event. Motorcycles are among the least crashworthy vehicles on the road. In addition to this the litigation process usually strikes fear into the hearts of even the most stalwart, especially since the average person will not be familiar with the rigors of preparing for court. This is why you need Messa & Associates to handle your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident lawsuit. We have been involved in motorcycle accident litigation in Pennsylvania and have successfully recovered fair settlements for our clients. Therefore we have a proven track record of giving the best advice so that your rights are protected. Most of the litigation process is procedural and simply follows the rules of the court.

Steps in the Litigation Process

Sometimes litigation is necessary, particularly when the injuries are difficult for the defense to evaluate or when there is a genuine dispute as to liability in the auto accident.

Once your lawyer is retained they will:

  • Obtain all the facts available by reviewing all documentation such as:
    • Police reports
    • Witness statements
    • Hospital records
    • Client notes
    • Medical records
    • Insurance documents
    • Photographs taken at the scene
    • Photographs of injuries
  • The next series of events are:
    • Plaintiff files a complaint
    • Defendant answers the complaint
    • Interrogatories are exchanged
    • Formal request for production of documents
    • Documents are subpoenaed
    • Depositions are set and taken of parties and witnesses
    • Status conference date
    • Trial date
    • Disclosure of all experts and their depositions taken
    • Pretrial MSC (mandatory settlement conference) and trial

Most of what ensues will not involve you directly. This is why your attorney needs to be skilled in trial preparation and evaluation of witness testimony for bias. They also need to have broad experience in jury assessment. Messa & Associates attorneys are intimately familiar with this process and will represent you aggressively in your claim. We will assess your case and the defendant’s case and seek to determine the viability of both. We will call experts as needed to assist your claim.

Where you (the client) will be key is:

  • Responses to interrogatories (questions under penalty of perjury)
  • Your deposition
  • When an offer has been made

We have broad experience with Pennsylvania motorcycle injury lawsuits and stand ready to provide advice and legal counsel to assist you in obtaining the very best outcome. If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident call us toll free at 866.403.4LAW (4529), or fill out the contact us via our web form.

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