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Philadelphia’s Dangerous Highways

What are the most dangerous Philadelphia highways for motorcycle accident injuries?

The most dangerous highways and intersections in Philadelphia for motorcyclists are listed below. Messa & Associates advises exercise extreme caution on these roads.

Various agencies such as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT), and private companies compile statistics on the roads or intersections that are deemed the most dangerous. Two of those intersections in Philadelphia are not only the most dangerous roads in Philadelphia; they are the most dangerous in the United States! Roosevelt Boulevard (US 1) is notorious for these intersections which have been designated the second and third most dangerous intersections in the country by State Farm Insurance, at Red Lion Road (331 accidents) and Grant Avenue (261 accidents) respectively. The highways and interstates with the most traffic fatalities were SCHUYLKILL EXPRESSWAY, and I-95.

Philadelphia Highway Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Other findings from the 2006 Traffic Safety Preliminary Annual Assessment by NHTSA:

Fatalities in alcohol-related crashes in 2006 remained about the same as in 2005. In motorcycle accidents, motorcycle rider deaths continued their nine-year increase, reaching over 4,800 in 2006. Motorcycle rider deaths now account for 11 percent of total deaths, exceeding the number of pedestrian fatalities for the first time since NHTSA started collecting data.

The old saying among bikers is “There are two kinds of bikers – those who have been in an accident and those who will be in an accident." Given this, it is best to be proactive in your riding approach by following these basic rules:

  • Depend on yourself and no one else to follow the rules.
  • Avoid the blind spots of other drivers. If you cannot see their faces they cannot see you.
  • Give yourself escape routes.
  • If you think a driver is unaware of you bring yourself abreast of the driver’s window.
  • Become familiar with your bike and improve your skills.  Slow down to give yourself time to react.
  • Don’t drink and ride, and no drugs while riding, also.

At the end of the day, using all of your skills and planning should help you avoid accidents. However, protect your rights with the best motorcycle accident injury lawyers. Messa & Associates has an extensive background in representation of motorcycle accident cases. We have handled litigation that includes injuries representation due to dangerous roads and road conditions. We provide experienced litigation support in motorcycle accident and death cases in Philadelphia. If you need legal representation in Philadelphia in a matter concerning motorcycle injuries or death of a loved one, contact us at 866.403.4LAW (4529) or by completing and submitting our quick contact web form.

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