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Settlements and Verdicts


$35 Million recovery for a man who was ejected from the seat of a tractor trailer he was driving after the brakes failed when he applied them. The Plaintiff was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident but the vehicle jack-knifed and was forced off a highway and crashed into a guardrail. The seatbelt failed to restrain the man in his seat and he hit the top of his head, breaking his neck and was ejected through the driver side window. The injuries resulted in catastrophic injuries to the man including quadriplegia.

Litka v. Atlantic City Electric Company

$7.2 Million verdict for an electrocution case in Camden County.


$3.3 Million settlement for truck driver who sustained severe electrical burns when his dump trailer contacted uninsulated electric utility lines.

White v. Drywall, Inc.

$3 Million jury verdict for a carpenter who sustained serious and permanent injuries after a temporary staircase on a construction site collapsed underneath him.


$1.6 Million settlement for an ironworker injured in fall at construction site.

DeLeo v. Mighty Equipment Company, et al.

$1.55 Million total recovery for laborer who suffered head injury as a result of defective scaffolding, which caused a crank handle to spin around and strike him in the face and forehead. Plaintiff suffered severe injuries, including a laceration of the forehead, fractured bones of the face and nose, and a fractured skull. These injuries resulted in permanent neurological and cognitive dysfunction, and permanent loss of sense of taste and smell.

Wilson, Anthony v. Earthgro

$1.375 Million for a Chester County man injured on a work site when the operator of the lift of the work cage he was in slammed on the brakes causing the cage to shake and causing Mr. Wilson’s left side to hit the left rail of the work cage.  At the same time the operator hit the brakes, he hit the lever to lower the cage, and slammed the cage to the ground.  He suffered severe and permanent injuries to his legs and back, including a herniated disc and required surgery.

Rosado, Juan v. Dreamwell

$1 Million settlement to compensate Rosado, a delivery truck driver, for injuries and damages he suffered after his foot was run over by a forklift operator employed by Dream Well in 2012. Rosado required multiple hospitalizations and surgeries to repair fractures in his foot, skin graft procedures for his foot and ankle, multiple therapeutic treatments, and the ultimate amputation of the toes on his right foot.


$850,000 settlement on behalf of a Philadelphia man who fell through a warehouse roof on a job site where he was employed. As a result of the incident, the man suffered multiple fractures and an elbow injury which required surgical intervention. Evidence was uncovered that proved that the plaintiff’s alleged employer, as well as the property owner, both had superior knowledge of the defective condition of the roof which resulted in the man’s fall and subsequent injuries.  


$800,000 settlement for a man who was involved in a workplace accident causing neck and back injuries, resulting in multiple surgeries.

Herning v. Keller Ladders

$700,000 jury verdict award to a construction worker against the manufacturer of a ladder which broke under his feet. This particular manufacturer had never previously lost a trial in its history.

Rainey v. G.F. Management, et al

$680,000 total recovery for laborer who suffered who badly fractured his ankle while carrying pipe on a hotel construction site.

McCullum v. Shihadeh Contracting, et al.

$685,000 settlement for a construction accident case filed in Philadelphia County involving the failure to remove dangerous snow and ice from a construction site. The Plaintiff was a subcontractor performing carpentry work at a construction of a new home when he fell on ice and snow at the construction site. This failure to remove the concealed ice caused him to fall and suffer torn rotator cuffs and required surgery to both shoulders.

John Doe v. US Steel

$650,000 total recovery for steam fitter who suffered burns on his arms while at work at U.S. Steel Fairless Hills Plant.

Rutledge v. RJP Builders, Inc, ET. Al.

$475,000 settlement for a carpenter who suffered injuries to his shoulder and back while at work, as a result of a failure to take steps to have proper fall protection at work.

Thackray v. Toll Brothers

$350,000 verdict in fall at work resulting in a fracture of both wrists as a result of failure to have proper fall protection required by OSHA.

Melvin Harris v. City of Philadelphia

$300,000 settlement for worker who injured shoulder while working in a sewer. Scaffolding plaintiff was standing on broke, causing him to fall to the floor of the sewer, injuring his right shoulder, neck, and back.

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