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Settlements and Verdicts


Harris v. The Lutheran Home at Topton

$28.75 Million verdict for a child that was rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle accident.


David Crossan v. Kaolin Mushroom Farms

$6.9 Million settlement for collision causing permanent injuries



$5.5 Million recovery from accident with tow truck resulting in brain injury to a 70-year-old man, requiring nursing home care.



$5.2 Million settlement for a woman who was run over by a garbage truck in a dimly-lit parking lot while she was walking to work. The woman suffered severe injuries to both of her legs and required 16 surgeries in order to repair the extensive damage. She still suffers from the physical and emotional scars of the horrible accident.



$3.8 Million settlement for a Fortune 500 executive who was rendered completely disabled after being sideswiped while traveling on vacation.


Pinkerton v. Verizon

$3 Million settlement for the victim of a crash caused by a distracted Verizon bucket-truck driver. The plaintiff, Ms. Pinkerton, suffered a mild traumatic brain injury and multiple herniated discs in her neck and back. It was her neuropsychologist’s opinion that the TBI caused significant memory loss and ended her 32-year career as a nurse. The Verizon driver was on both his business and personal cell phones simultaneously when he took his eyes off of the road and rear ended Ms. Pinkerton’s car.


Rowan v. Lex Electric

$2.75 Million settlement for motorcycle accident involving 64-year-old man and Lex Electric work vehicle.


Ofei vs. Major Trucking Company

$2.5 Million settlement for a motor vehicle accident involving a 54-year-old man and a major national trucking company.



$1.9 Million settlement for the family of an underage man killed in a motor vehicle accident after he and he friends were served at a bar, and then left intoxicated. Isaiah was a passenger in his friend’s car. His friend was also intoxicated and lost control of the car while travelling at a high rate of speed in an attempt to evade police officers who were trying to pull the vehicle over. The car hit a tree and Isaiah was killed.


Weidinger v. Yager-Krol

$1.075 million partial settlement involving a motor vehicle accident due to a shopping center’s negligence in Plymouth Meeting, PA.



$1.050 million settlement for a man who was hit by a paratransit bus making a sudden illegal left-hand turn while he was driving his motorcycle. His motorcycle “T-boned” the driver’s side door of the paratransit bus and he was thrown from his motorcycle and run over by another driver. The driver of the paratransit bus had previously been cited and disciplined for numerous other driving violations, many of which were for major breaches of safety protocol including four motor vehicle accidents. The Plaintiff suffered significant severe and permanent injuries including multiple fractures.

Munoz-Garcia, Francisca v. Raymond Lombard and Reyes Fence, LLC

$1 Million settlement for his client, a 55 year-old factory worker, who was seriously injured when a Ford F-450 truck struck her while she was attempting to cross a four lane highway at nighttime. Mr. Arreola’s client suffered several fractures, requiring multiple surgical procedures and amputation of two toes on her right foot. Mr. Arreola’s client will be able to use the settlement funds to pay for medical care she will require for the rest of her life.



$1 Million partial settlement involving a motor vehicle accident due to a shopping center’s negligence in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. The owners and the property management company of the center failed to maintain proper landscaping and signage causing obstruction of vision for both drivers. The negligence caused an accident resulting in traumatic aortic dissection and multiple orthopedic fractures for the defendant.


Jazlovietcki v. GARDA

$850 Thousand settlement for the victim of a crash caused by a negligent GARDA armored truck driver. The plaintiff, Mr. Jazlovietcki, was driving northbound through an intersection at which he had the right of way (green light) when a westbound GARDA armored truck blew through a red light, T-boning the plaintiff’s car. Mr. Jazlovietcki suffered a fractured arm, bulging discs in his neck and lower back, and post concussion syndrome that lead to numerous cognitive deficiencies.



Seven-figure settlement in a products liability and motor vehicle accident case resulting in the deaths of a mother and twin sister of a teenage girl. The family’s vehicle was struck by the driver of a cement truck driving above the speed limit while carrying an overloaded amount of concrete in a cement mixer truck.  The women survived the impact from the truck, but ultimately died from mechanical asphyxiation when the concrete mixer truck rolled over on top of the car and discharged thousands of pounds of concrete onto them, suffocating them as they remained trapped in the vehicle’s front seat. The cement mixer truck was defectively designed in various ways, including a high center of gravity that increased the risk of rollover.  The concrete mixer truck was also not equipped with safety devices to prevent the contents of the truck from spilling in the event of a rollover.   The Defendants made no material changes to the truck design since its original manufacture in the 1970’s, and continued to replicate its dangerous design, despite tremendous advances in technology over the past 40 years to prevent rollovers like the one that ultimately occurred.



$885,000 settlement for a trucking accident, which resulted in multiple serious injuries. The plaintiff was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike at night, during a rainstorm and decided to pull onto the shoulder until the storm letup.


Molina v. Food Haulers, Inc.

$850,000 recovery in trucking accident case for a man hit by a tractor-trailer. He suffered from serious injuries, including severe orthopedic injuries.


Henry v. Alfonso Sanbe Masonry, et al

$800,000 settlement for a man who was involved in a workplace accident causing neck and back injuries, resulting in multiple surgeries.


Pezzella V. Wesolowski

$775,000 verbal threshold verdict for the victim of a crash who sustained permanent and debilitating neck and back injuries after her car was broadsided at the intersection of Rt. 47 and Fulling Mill Road in Rio Grande, New Jersey.


Pison v. Speakman

$750,000 verdict for plaintiff Julia Pison who sustained severe injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, after her car was “t-boned” by another vehicle driving down Cooper Rd. in Voorhees, New Jersey.


West v. Sundance Development

$750,000 jury verdict award to a 50-year-old woman in a single-car rollover resulting in a cervical disc injury.


Long v. Toews, et al

$750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle/truck accident in Berks County, PA (Reading) where plaintiff suffered a fractured pelvis, fractured leg and head trauma. The vehicle was hit on the right rear bumper, causing the vehicle to cross into oncoming traffic, where it was impacted again.


John Doe v. Railroad Carrier

$550,000 settlement for a man who was working as a machine operator on a rail gang when the brakes of the scrapper machine he was riding failed, collided with another machine, and derailed. Problems with the brakes on the equipment were reported before the accident. The plaintiff suffered a herniated disc in his neck and had to have a spinal fusion surgery.



$525,000 recovery for a man was rear-ended in New Jersey causing him to permanently lose his sense of smell.


Smyth v. Tannenbaum

$525,000 recovery for a man was rear-ended in New Jersey causing him to permanently lose his sense of smell.


Green v. City of Philadelphia

$465,000 settlement for a man who was in a motorcycle accident with a City Water Department truck, resulting in a severe fracture of his left leg, requiring surgery.


Armstead v. Crystal’s Care

$450,000 verdict for a female passenger aboard a SEPTA bus that sustained significant injuries after the SEPTA vehicle was struck by a small bus owned by Crystal’s Care, Inc.


Trong v. City of Philadelphia

$450,000 settlement for man injured in a collision with a city tow truck.


Davis v. City of Philadelphia

$445,000 settlement for a pedestrian injured when she was struck by a Philadelphia Police cruiser while she was crossing the street within a crosswalk.


Bonifaco v. Mingori

$330,000 verdict for a woman who was injured in a car accident while riding as a passenger. The car was hit when another car ran a red light, forcing her car to collide with a stop sign.


Spletzer v. Darang

$205,000 awarded to a Montgomery County couple for a motor vehicle accident resulting in two shoulder surgeries. Their vehicle was rear-ended when it stopped to avoid colliding with the driver ahead of them who reversed on a highway because she had missed her exit.


Gomez v. Walsh

$175,000 verdict in New Jersey, for 45-year-old woman involved in a rear-end motor vehicle accident. As a result of the accident, she suffered an aggravation of degenerative disc disease in her neck and back.


Nostrand v. Wagner

$150,000 settlement for a Chester County, PA resident involved in a motor vehicle accident who sustained a lumbar fracture and resulting surgery. The settlement was achieved despite a witness who alleged our client disregarded a red traffic signal and caused the accident.


Bailey v. Goldstein

$150,000 for a woman involved in a motor vehicle accident. She sustained a herniated disc and required microsurgery.



$144,000 settlement for a man who was involved in a motor vehicle
accident when a transportation van ran his vehicle off the road and into a tree. The accident led to an arthroscopic surgery on his knee for a damaged meniscus.


Estate of James Bowe v. Rountree

$142,000 for an elderly man who was rear-ended in New Jersey and suffered a subdural hematoma.


Muscara v. Jane Doe

$120,000 combined settlement for a husband and wife who were rear-ended in New Jersey causing them each neck and back injuries.


Van Kraaij v. CSX, et al.

Confidential settlement for multiple passengers injured in CSX train crash in South Carolina.



































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