1/12/12 – Pediatricians to Parents: Watch Out for Button Batteries

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Pediatricians to Parents: Watch Out for Button Batteries

January 12, 2012 – Parents are being warned about another dangerous product they may have never realized could pose an injury risk to their child— 2 centimeter lithium disc batteries.  Pediatricians across the nation have reported in increase in seeing more children who have swallowed these types of batteries.  The batteries, also called button batteries, are commonly found in car keys, cameras, some toys, and even musical greeting cards.

If a child swallows a button battery and the battery gets stuck in the swallowing passage for more than a couple of hours, it can potentially erode right through, according to a Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia doctor, burning a hole through the child’s esophagus to their trachea, or breathing tube.  In other cases, vocal cords can be severely damaged, and if the battery, just about the size of a quarter erodes into blood vessels, it can cause massive bleeding and even death.

Parents are urged to keep lithium disc batteries out of the reach of children at all times.  However, if you ever suspect your child has swallowed one of these batteries, you should get them to the emergency room right away.

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