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Joe Messa, founder of Messa & Associates, knows that for motorcyclists/bikers the hours of fun and the feeling of freedom while on your motorcycle are not found anywhere else. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania and New Jersey motorcyclists are prone to serious injuries any time they are involved in a motor vehicle crash. Motorcycle riders only have their safety gear to protect them from the impact of colliding with a car, a truck, a bus, or a fixed object, such as a wall, a tree, or a concrete barrier. Serious injuries in a motorcycle crash can include severed limbs, crushed bones, internal injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. The effects of an accident that occurs when riding a motorcycle are of the kind that can leave the rider with injuries that can affect them for the rest of their lives.

It is common knowledge among those who regularly ride motorcycles that many drivers on the road are less observant and less respectful of this form of transportation than more conventional automobiles or trucks. Motorcycle riders are quite simply at a much greater risk of serious accident and injury when on the road than those using other means of transportation.

2008 NHTSA Motorcycle Accident Statistics

- 103,000 motorcyclists were injured in the United States.
- There were 5,154 motorcycle deaths.

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident and the fault is with the driver of another vehicle, you can find a quality of life again. Medical bills for treating a Pennsylvania motorcyclist’s injuries can be very costly, and you may need multiple surgeries and rehabilitation therapy in order to recover. Taking time off from work to heal could lead to lost wages. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer with a successful track record of dealing with insurance companies and highway law can help. You don’t have to resign yourself to the meager compensation offered by an insurance company that fails to recognize the extent of the injuries or the necessary recovery costs.

Messa & Associates focuses part of the firm's personal injury practice toward motorcycle accident and recreational vehicle issues. It is a part of the firm's practice that is near and dear to the heart of the firm's founder, Joseph L. Messa, Jr., based upon his own life experience. Mr. Messa as mentioned above has been a motorcycle enthusiast for more than 25 years. A few years ago, he himself was unfortunately involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in serious injury. If you are looking to consult a firm and attorney who understand the unique aspects of motorcycle accidents and the challenges faced by victims and their families, please contact Messa & Associates and speak to the firm's founder, Joe Messa. He and his firm are committed to protecting your legal rights and providing quality legal services. Call toll free to set up a free consultation with one of out Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers.


- David Crossan v. Kaolin Mushroom Farms: $6.9 million settlement in motorcycle accident involving a man and a truck owned by Kaolin Mushroom Farms.

1/5/2004—In January 2002, the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas issued an order finalizing settlement negotiations between motorcyclist David Crossan and Kaolin Mushroom Farms. Mr. Crossan’s attorney, Joseph L. Messa, Jr., explained that his client was riding his motorcycle when he was struck by a truck owned by Kaolin Mushroom Farms and driven by Michael Townsend. Plaintiff Crossan had the right of way as he entered an intersection. Mr. Townsend failed to stop at a stop sign at the intersection. The collision of the vehicles knocked Mr. Crossan off his motorcycle, into the truck and then to the ground.

Mr. Crossan's injuries included head trauma resulting in a skull fracture with epidural and subdural bleeding, and multiple fractures of the pelvis and face. Three days after the accident, Mr. Crossan underwent a craniotomy, an evacuation of the epidural hematoma, and internal fixation of his pelvic and facial injuries. He was also put on a ventilator as a result of respiratory failure, but was eventually taken off the device. He still suffers from cognitive dysfunction and speech irregularities and must use a cane to walk. He lives with and is cared for by his parents. The most important thing is that there are now sufficient funds to take care of the plaintiff for the rest of his life, said his attorney, Joseph L. Messa, Jr.

- Rowan v. Lex Electric: Motorcycle accident involving a 64-year-old man and Lex Electric work vehicle settles for $2.75 million.

On July 26, 2006, plaintiff John Rowan was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident when defendant Stephen Lex of Lex Electric Co. negligently failed to yield the right of way and collided with Rowan while making a left turn into a parking lot from Baltimore Pike in Springfield, Pa.. Rowan underwent frequent medical treatment from the date of the accident in 2006 until June 26, 2008, and may require additional surgery and therapy in the future. In addition to Mr. Rowan’s pain and suffering, Messa & Associates obtained the $2.75 million settlement for current and future medical bills, and past and future wage loss.

- Dittert v. PDOT and Midkiff: $550,000 settlement for a man involved in a motorcycle accident with a car with insufficient insurance on the car.

He suffered multiple orthopedic injuries including fractures in his pelvis, legs and arm. In an attempt to assure adequate compensation for Mr. Dittert, a claim was also made against the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for poorly and negligently designing, installing, and maintaining traffic lights, which plaintiff did not see at time of collision. Traffic lights had previous history of working improperly and also causing several other accidents, two of which were fatal.

- Green v. City of Philadelphia: $475,000 settlement for a man who was severely injured after a Philadelphia Water Department truck collided with his motorcycle.

Mr. Green suffered serious and permanent injuries, including left tibia/fibula fracture with compartment syndrome and multiple commutated fractures requiring skin grafts and several surgeries, loss of sensation, movement, and blood flow in his leg and foot, cervical disc bulges and herniations, and closed head injuries, as well as mental pain and suffering.

- Primus v. Ann Fields: $56,000 settlement for a man who was injured after his motorcycle was struck after an SUV made an improper left hand turn off of an exit ramp.

Defendant failed to stop at the stop sign and negligently failed to yield the right of way of the motorcycle. Mr. Primus has suffered injuries which are serious and permanent, including injuries to the head, neck, back, upper and lower extremities, and severe shock to the nerves and nervous system.


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