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Messa & Associates - Nursing Home Injuries

Finally being able to make the decision to help a loved one move into a nursing home is difficult andPhiladelphia nursing home neglect attorneys Messa & Associates are aware of the emotional upheaval that often accompanies these decisions. Such upheaval can be overcome when a high standard of care is maintained by the nursing home. However, it has unfortunately become more frequent for nursing homes to be deficient in the attention that is necessary to ensure the welfare of all patients.

There are almost a million senior citizens in assisted living facilities that are victimized each year and suffer from:

- Falls
- Neglect
- Bed sores

Their basic needs are often ignored by those with the responsibility for caring for them. Whether it is the intentional negligence of the staff, the lack of training or the work and living environment that lends to the mistreatment of the elderly, or if your loved one is the victim of medical malpractice, these matters must be addressed swiftly. The Philadelphia elder abuse attorneys at Messa & Associates know that for you to have peace about the care of your loved one is of paramount importance and their skill, experience, and knowledge about how the law can help bring justice and reestablish quality of life after an abusive situation will be key to building a strong case.

You can trust that no one will be able to explain the law to you and equip you with the knowledge you need to acquire compensation in a more compassionate and understandable way than the Philadelphia elder abuse lawyers at Messa & Associates. A toll-free number is available for you to make contact and set up a convenient time for a free consultation. Your loved ones deserve the aggressiveness of an attorney that will fight relentlessly for their physical and mental well-being. Call today.


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