Pharmaceutical/Drug Product Injuries


  • $120 Million total settlement for plaintiffs injured as a result of implantation of spinal bone screws into the spine during spinal fusion procedures. AcroMed marketed the orthopedic bone screws to alleviate back pain, but thousands of patients claimed that the screws actually exacerbated their pain, often breaking after they were implanted in the patients' spines.


  • $20 Million total settlement for clients injured as a result of ingestion of the diet drug Fen-Phen.


  • $1o.9 Million verdict for Haley Powell, a South Carolina woman who used Topamax from about March 2006 to about May 2011 including during her pregnancy. Powell's son, Brayden Gurley, was born with a cleft lip in 2008. The verdicts are the first two of more than 130 cases filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. Two more cases are scheduled for trial in February and March. Messa & Associates attorney, Eric H. Weitz, is co-counsel in the mass tort cases.
  • $4.02 Million verdict for April Czimmer, a Virginia resident, whose son underwent four surgeries after birth to correct his cleft lip. Czimmer was taking Topamax when she became pregnant.


  • $1.25 Million total recovery for a client who suffered permanent damage to his heart as a result of his physician's negligence in prescribing a dangerous dosage of Vioxx.


  • $1 Million recovery for damage to the heart valve of a New Jersey woman from the ingestion of diet drugs/Fen-Phen.