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Rechargable lights recalled due to fire and burn hazard
Over 1.2 million lights have been recalled in the U.S. and Canada due to overheating risks linked to one death.[...]
Pennsylvania Superior Court Decision Emphasizes Importance of Adhering to Pretrial Rulings
Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge, Alice Beck Dubow, upheld the trial court's decision to grant a new trial in a products[...]
Breaking News – Phillips Sues CPAP Cleaning Product Maker
The lawsuit against Philips Respironics defendants was consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL 3014), which then spawned related satellite lawsuits[...]

"We don't prepare cases to settle them; there are plenty of lawyers who do that. We prepare cases ​for trial. When we take a case, we want to know that we can win it at trial and we prepare that case as if we're going to trial. We are prepared to try every case."  

Joseph L. Messa, Jr., Founder

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