The personal injury attorneys at Messa & Associates have experience with investigating and prosecuting many causes of serious injury claims. Our law firm handles cases that involve toxic torts as a result of exposure to chemicals or other toxic substances, heavy metal poisoning, injuries from drugs and medical devices, and motorcycles and trucking accidents, in addition to accidents with construction equipment like forklifts, bulldozers, cranes and factory equipment like punches, presses, and rollers. We also handle accidents caused during the use of household equipment and appliances like saws and lawnmowers. We have experience with various injuries related to pools and other bodies of water.

The Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Messa & Associates have successfully handled these types of claims in the past. Our personal injury attorneys will take the time and initiative to thoroughly investigate the claims, and we will vigorously prosecute any injury claim to protect your interests and ensure the highest recovery for your losses incurred. Rest assured that whatever the cause of any injury or loss you have, we will pursue every avenue of recovery. Contact an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer at Messa & Associates for a FREE consultation.


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