A typical and wide-spread practice in personal injury law is to use visual aids during a trial to visually assist the jury in understanding where negligence may have taken place. Typically, these aids consist of enlarged photographs of injuries, accident scenes, body parts, etc. But as the technology for two and three dimensional graphics and interactive animations has surfaced, these one dimensional, poster board graphics have become outdated. That is why state-of-the-art animation technologies have been adopted for use by Messa & Associates for many of our cases, in preparation for trial. With the use of this technology, attorneys at Messa & Associates are able to clearly demonstrate negligence to a judge and jury during a personal injury or medical malpractice case.

The attorneys and paralegals at Messa & Associates work directly with animators and graphic artists to create a detailed and 100% accurate reconstruction of an accident; be it motor vehicle, construction, fire, explosion, medical, or other. The use of this technology is not standard in the personal injury law field and only a handful of attorneys have actually begun taking advantage of it.

Among other things, it is the use of this technology that puts Messa & Associates a step above other Philadelphia personal injury law firms. Below are a few examples of animations that have helped Messa & Associates secure large and necessary verdicts for clients that lost their lives or were catastrophically injured by negligence.

Placental Abruption

Animation Technology

Animation Technology

Wrongful Death Case

Premises Liability Trial Animation

Products Liability Trial Animation