Settlements & Verdicts

$120 Million Products Liability Settlement | Bone screws used in spinal fusions procedures break after implantation.
$35 Million Work Injury Verdict | Tractor-trailer driver becomes paralyzed when his brakes and seat-belt fail.
$28.7 Million Motor Vehicle Accident Verdict | A child is rendered a paraplegic in a motor vehicle accident.
$18.5 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement | Man loses all four limbs to amputation after failure to diagnose and treat infection.
$16.5 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict | A seven-year-old suffered when his surgeon failed to investigate his correctable heart condition.
$12.9 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement | Young girl suffers severe and permanent brain damage after failure to recognize respiratory distress.
$12.26 Medical Malpractice Verdict | A truck driver’s spine was severely damaged by infection.
$10.9 Million Products Liability Verdict | Young mother gives birth to a child with birth defects as a result of her Topamax prescription.
$10 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict | An unapproved medical device implanted in a man’s spine.
$8 Million Products Liability Settlement | 7 year-old killed in a fire caused by a defective curling iron and defective power strip.
$6.9 Million Motor Vehicle Settlement | Motorcyclist permanently injured in collision.
$6.1 Million Premises Liability Settlement | A 3 year-old girl lost her eye after it was impaled by a gate latch in disrepair.
$5.75 Million Wrongful Death Settlement | A two-year-old girl died at a Philadelphia daycare center.
$5.2 Million Motor Vehicle Accident settlement | Pedestrian run down by a garbage truck.

  • medical malpractice
  • products liability
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • work related injuries
  • wrongful death
  • injuries to children
  • premises liability 
  • fires, burns, explosions
  • pharmaceutical injuries
  • nursing home abuse 
  • alcohol related injuries
  • consumer rights 
  • toxic substance injury
  • Wage and Hour


  • $235 Million total recovery for passengers injured and deceased in the 2015 Amtrak derailment in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. Joseph Messa and Thomas Sweeney secured a significant portion of the total settlement for their client, a husband and father who was permanently injured as a result of the derailment. 


  • $2 Million settlement in a Fair Labor Standards Act case alleging the Tennessee trucking company did not properly pay thousands of drivers for time spent on orientation and training.


  • $1.5 Million F.E.L.A. settlement for the employee of a rail company who sustained serious and permanent injuries to his knee as a result of the company's failure to provide a safe workplace. 


  • Seven-figure settlement in a Florence, South Carolina train derailment case.


  • $1.1 Million F.E.L.A. settlement for the employee of a major public transportation system resulting from an injury caused by unsafe and inadequate working conditions. 


  • $625,000 settlement in an F.E.L.A. action on behalf a major rail system employee who sustained permanent injuries to his foot after being ordered to operate equipment without proper training. 

James Carter v. CSX Transportation

  • $550,000  F.E.L.A. recovery for James Carter, a CSX employee who was injured on the job after brake failure on a negligently maintained "scrap loader" (on which Mr. Carter was a passenger) collided with a Grinder, causing  permanent injury to Mr. Carter's neck and spine. 

Richard Frankhouser v. SEPTA

  • $125,000  recovery for Richard Frankhouser who sustained permanently disabling injuries when a SEPTA commuter train he was boarding accelerated rapidly, without warning, thrusting him into the ballast next to the tracks beneath the train. 

Tamer Kassis v. The New York Susquehanna & Western Railway Corporation (NYSWRC)

  • $67,500  recovery for Tamer Kassis after he sustained permanent cognitive injuries as the result of a collision that took place at a NYSWRC railroad crossing.