Negligent Security


  • $1.3 million settlement for the assault of a building occupant due to negligent security services provided by a property management company and security provider. The incident occurred in a high rise office building. Prior to the assault, a criminal was allowed to enter the building, before normal business hours, without providing identification to security personnel. After gaining improper access to the premises, he then brutally attacked the plaintiff during the course of a robbery. Plaintiff was cut and slashed numerous times and had resulting wounds and scars on her arms, hands and ear. Following her recovery from the initial wounds, she developed neurologic hyperpathia, an increased pain sensation upon touch. She was further diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder resulting in panic attacks, anxiety and depression. This case was settled, prior to trial, during a non-binding mediation.


  • $675,000 settlement for a Philadelphia County man who sustained physical and psychological injuries as a result of being shot while working at a retail store. The store failed to provide adequate security despite the fact that the attack was foreseeable due to prior threats made by the man’s assailant.