Athlete Dies After Suffering Brain Injury at Winter X Games

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Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers have learned that a snowmobile rider died after suffering a brain injury when he clipped the top of a jump during his performance at the Winter X Games last month.

Caleb Moore, a 25-year-old snowmobiler, went over the handlebars on his sled while performing. The sled then rolled over him. Although he was able to walk off the course with some assistance, he was taken to a hospital for a concussion. While hospitalized, Moore developed bleeding around his heart and required surgery. Doctors said that he developed a “secondary complication involving his brain,” and later declared that he had suffered a brain death. Moore passed away on January 31 at Aspen Valley Hospital.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Say Traumatic Brain Injury Affects Millions of Americans, Diagnosing Injuries Critical to Treatment

It is estimated that about 1.7 million people year suffer traumatic brain injuries each year. Traumatic brain injury is an alteration in brain function, or other evidence of brain pathology, caused by an external force. Traumatic brain injuries are most often caused by falls. Other known causes include motor vehicle accident, being struck by an object and assault.

No two brain injuries are exactly alike so each injury must be assessed and treated by a team of qualified medical professionals on a case-by-case basis. Victims of traumatic brain injury can suffer from many physical and emotional challenges following their injury. Therefore, diagnosing a traumatic brain injury as early as possible is extremely important so that treatment may be given immediately. Delaying a diagnosis or failure to diagnose a traumatic brain injury can worsen a patient’s condition and in many cases, be the difference in saving the victim’s life or their ability to recover.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Philadelphia and New Jersey

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