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Breaking News for 3M Plaintiffs!

3M has agreed to a $6 billion settlement in lawsuits brought by U.S. service members over faulty earplugs. This settlement comes after 3M’s unsuccessful attempt to move the lawsuits to bankruptcy court earlier this year, making it the largest single product mass tort litigation in U.S. history. Approximately 240,000 individuals may be eligible for the settlement.

The lawsuits centered around Combat Arms earplugs originally made by Aearo Technologies, which 3M acquired in 2008. Plaintiffs claimed 3M concealed design flaws, manipulated test results, and failed to provide proper usage instructions, leading to hearing damage. These lawsuits were consolidated in a Florida federal court in 2019, contributing significantly to federal court caseloads. Of the 16 cases that went to trial, 3M lost 10, resulting in approximately $265 million awarded to 13 plaintiffs, including a 50-million-dollar verdict for Messa and Associates Client Luke Vilsmeyer. Aearo’s bankruptcy attempt in 2022 was dismissed, and 3M committed $1 billion to cover Aearo’s earplug lawsuit liabilities.
Messa & Associates is dedicated to getting the service men and women who suffered hearing injuries due to the defective earplugs their deserved compensation.


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