Safely SPRING into Spring!

SPRING! It’s finally here! Out with the COLD and in with the WOO! It’s the time of year for more outdoor activities and maybe even an annual spring-cleaning. To celebrate, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is offering some tips for how to stay safe while embarking on all of your favorite (and maybe not-so-favorite) spring-time activities.

Spring Safety: Spring-Cleaning

If there are little ones in your home, be sure to keep household cleaners, laundry packets/pods, and medicines out of their reach. Accidental ingestion of many harsh cleaning chemicals can lead to poisoning and even death, but with a little pre-mediated safety, this kind of tragedy can be wholly avoided.

Spring Safety: Yard Work

Landscaping tools are nothing to mess around with. Make sure that yard tools like mowers, edgers, weed wackers, trimmers, chainsaws, etc. are in good condition and ready for use. Damaged tools with worn electrical parts can pose shock and/or fire hazards. It is also important to keep little ones away from the yard when using these dangerous tools.

Spring Safety: Ladders

If you are headed outside to perform some gutter cleaning or repairs, avoid falls by placing your ladder on solid, level ground. It’s also a good idea to have a spotter – someone on the ground prepared to catch you in the event of a fall. Additionally, be sure to keep ladders away from power lines and live electrical wires to prevent electrocution.

Spring Safety: Biking

Spring is a great time for bike rides! When buying your little ones new bicycle helmets, make sure the helmets meet CPSC mandatory safety standards. Helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury for both children and adults.

Finally, no matter what season it is, be sure to check or download the CPSC Recall App for an up-to-date list of recalled products. Or check in on the MessaLaw Recall Report for product, vehicle, and food recall notices. Remember to safely SPRING into Spring.

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