11/23/11 – Defective Infant Carrier Kills Child, Says Lawsuit

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Defective Infant Carrier Kills Child, Says Lawsuit

November 23, 2011 – The family of an infant killed by a defective Eddie Bauer Sling & Hip Carrier in 2009 has filed a lawsuit claiming the sling is unsafe for children younger than four months of age.  The sling, purchased at the retail chain Target before the child was born, lacked “a safety mechanism to prevent… suffocation of the infant,” the lawsuit says in seeking damages from Eddie Bauer, the maker of the sling, Goldbug, Inc. and the Target Corp.

The child died four days after going into distress when the carrier her father was wearing forced her chin to her chest, causing “positional asphyxia.”  According to the product liability lawsuit, the companies were negligent in failing to provide adequate warnings about the danger of using slings for infants younger than four months old and provided inadequate instruction on how to use the sling.

At least three other infants died in slings in 2009 and 11 others have died since 1990, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said in its March 2010 warning regarding slings, especially for smaller infants. Twelve of the 14 deaths involved babies younger than four months.

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