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Messa & Associates - Fires, Burns & Explosions

Cases involving fires and explosions require significant investigation as early possible in order to preserve the evidence, determine the cause and origin of the fire or explosion, and the responsibility of potential Defendants. The experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at Messa & Associates have handled many fire and explosion cases over the years throughout the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey involving significant injuries and death.

We have a vast array of expert witnesses recognized throughout the world as the top experts in these fields. These are complex and hard-fought cases. The extensive investigation necessary to determine the cause of the fire or explosion and who the responsible parties are is just the beginning. Fire and explosion cases often involve products liability claims for failures of electrical systems, appliances, smoke detectors, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, and other fire protection and suppression equipment. Throughout the years, the Philadelphia personal injury attorneys of Messa & Associates have been successful in litigating fire and explosion cases and obtaining substantial awards for their clients in such matters.

Some examples of the successful results obtained by our skilled attorneys

- Confidential: Eight-Figure products liability settlement against a leading smoke detector manufacturer and major mobile home company. A family of seven, including five children ages four to eleven, after suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation, perished in a fire. The mobile home came equipped with smoke detectors with ionization technology which failed to provide a timely warning of what was later determined to be a slow and smoldering fire.

- Confidential: $8 million settlement for the family of a seven-year-old girl who was killed in a fire caused by a defective curling iron that lacked proper safety precautions to prevent a fire from occurring. The curling iron was plugged into a defective power strip that lacked an industry standard fuse that would have disabled the power running to the curling iron in the event of a short.

- Confidential: $5.25 million settlement against a popular manufacturer and retailer of smoke detectors on behalf of the family of a grandmother and her toddler granddaughter who perished in a fire after four ionization smoke detectors failed to detect a growing fire in their two-story home.

- Confidential: $3.7 million recovery for the family of a nine-year-old boy who perished in an apartment building fire.

- Tompkins, Natasha on behalf of Ariaha Riley, A Minor v. Confidential: $2.9 million settlement in a burn injury action involving a 3-year-old girl who was burned by a defective electric potpourri pot. The child suffered burns on her right arm, breast, and shoulder. The Defendants were aware that the pot was defective and had injured other young children, but continued to market it without adequate warnings about the dangers posed by its use.


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