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Messa & Associates - Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating, both to the injured person and to this person's loved ones. Messa & Associates has successfully handled hundreds of serious spinal cord injury cases.

When seeking a spinal cord injury attorney that will listen to you with compassion and make an unrelenting effort to acquire substantial compensation and ensure the best chance for your recovery, making your choice will be clear when you contact Messa & Associates. This spinal cord injury law firm has experience with clients that have suffered many devastating physical conditions brought about by the negligence of others and can use that experience to acquire the justice that you have not yet experienced in your situation.

Many spinal injuries occur in our culture each year with some estimates ranging in the area of 15,000. Of those, almost half occur in auto accidents while falling and acts of physical assault account for many others. The injuries that result are often life-threatening, with death and paralysis being outcomes that are, unfortunately, not uncommon. No matter what the cause, there are legal steps that can be taken that will have the greatest chance of reestablishing a victim's life in a way that makes continuing rehabilitation available and attainable.

A spinal injury attorney with the expertise and knowledge that is required to get the results you need is available at Messa & Associates. A toll-free number is provided for you to set up a free and confidential consultation regarding all aspects of your or your loved one's injury with an experienced Philadelphia spinal cord injury attorney. Don't be overwhelmed by the battle for your rights. Get a compassionate, attentive and aggressive team to battle for you. Call today.


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