Construction & Work-Related Injuries


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Messa & Associates has built a strong reputation representing injured workers on construction and other job sites, including multi-million dollar settlements and awards.

In today’s era of workers compensation, employer responsibility for work-related injuries is usually addressed by a company’s insurance. However, injuries can often be caused by situations far beyond the employer’s control and that is where Messa & Associates can help. Our experience and perspective on these issues, along with dedication, helps to clarify whether a person or company other than the employer is responsible for a construction or work-related injury. Some examples of our how we’ve been able help injured workers and their families:

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    $35 Million recovery for a man who was ejected from the seat of a tractor trailer he was driving after the brakes failed. Although he was wearing his seatbelt, The Plaintiff was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, the tractor trailer jack-knifed. It was forced off the highway and crashed into a guardrail. The seatbelt failed to restrain the man in his seat. As a result, he hit the top of his head, breaking his neck. Also,he was ejected through the driver-side window. The injuries resulted in quadriplegia and other catastrophic injuries.
  • Litka v. Atlantic City Electric Company
    $7.2 Million verdict for an electrocution case in Camden County.
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    $3.3 Million settlement for truck driver who sustained severe electrical burns when his dump trailer came in contact with uninsulated electric utility lines.
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    $1.6 Million settlement for an ironworker injured when he took a fall at construction site.


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