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The Philadelphia trucking accident lawyers at Messa & Associates, P.C. represent victims in tractor trailer accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our personal injury attorneys understand that the damage that can be done by a large truck on both property and physical levels is substantial and can take months of recovery time.

As skilled litigators, we seek compensation for our clients that adequately takes into consideration the many aspects of damage including lost work, medical bills, physical recovery care, property damage and more.

Determining the Cause of the Trucking Accident

A truck crash can have many causes: the lack of training received by drivers, drug abuse of the driver, working conditions that led to unsafe driving conditions, improper maintenance, and other factors. To find the actual cause of the accident and to build a case that will properly represent the truth of what happened and achieve the goals that lead to the most beneficial outcome for the client will require a truck accident attorney with determination and full knowledge of the law. Presenting your case powerfully so that justice is obtained, the issues of life are returned to a manageable state and a sense and confidence is restored, all form a mission that Messa & Associates takes seriously.

Pennsylvania & New Jersey Truck Accidents Require Experienced Tractor Trailer Attorneys

Not just any personal injury or motor vehicle accident attorney in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is prepared to handle trucking accidents. Special expertise is necessary to address the unique issues that present themselves when a tractor trailer crashes on an interstate highway causing devastating consequences. These cases involve insurance coverage issues, technology, business practices, and discovery requirements for documents and electronic records. Many of these considerations may not be familiar to the motor vehicle accident attorney with no prior trucking accident experience.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

Interstate trucking is governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. If you are involved in a New Jersey or Pennsylvania truck accident, you need a personal injury attorney who has specific understanding of the Regulations since trucking accidents typically result from violation of one or more of them.

Interpreting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and applying them to a particular case is an important aspect of an effective trucking accident attorney. For example, because the Regulations define "employee" of a trucking company to include independent contractors and drivers of leased trucks, a driver may qualify as an employee of more than one company. This can increase the amount of liability insurance proceeds available to compensate an injured person in a Pennsylvania truck accident.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations also have requirements and restrictions based on age, driving ability, ability to read and speak English, physical exams, driving history, personal references, and previous DUI charges. A trucking company that fails to investigate a truck driver and confirm the truck driver's compliance with the Regulations is liable for any injuries caused by the truck driver’s negligence. Likewise, a trucking company can be held responsible for a Pennsylvania or New Jersey tractor trailer crash caused by the company's or the driver's failure to maintain a truck in safe operating order.

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Some examples of verdicts and settlements obtained by the philadelphia trucking accident attorneys of messa & associates

- Confidential: $5.5 Million recovery for a 70-year-old man whose vehicle was struck by a tow truck. He sufferend a brain injury and required nursing home care.

- Ofei vs. Major Trucking Company: $2.5 Million settlement for a motor vehicle accident involving a 54 year old man and a major national trucking company. Samuel Ofei was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on Interstate 95 southbound in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after his car struck a metal object on the roadway. Following the collision, Mr. Ofei had difficulty breathing and moving his arms and legs. He required extraction from his severely crushed vehicle with the Jaws of Life. He underwent emergency spinal surgery. He eventually was able to walk again after long and painful physical therapy, but was left with some neurologic deficits and has not been able to return to his work as a care provider helping individuals with special needs.


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