12/22/11 – Airplane Crash Kills Five

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Airplane Crash Kills Five

December 22, 2011 – All five people onboard were killed in a small airplane crash Tuesday morning on Route 287 in northern New Jersey.  The plane went down near Exit 33 in Morris Township as it headed to Atlanta from Teterboro Airport.

Air traffic controllers at the airport warned the pilot about potential icing conditions before they lost radar contact with the aircraft.  The pilot was advised to maintain an altitude of 10,000 feet as the controller warned him about the conditions in the clouds above, specifically accumulations of ice particles known as rime.

Ice can form on airplanes when temperatures are near freezing and there is visible moisture, such as clouds or rain.  The ice adds weight to an aircraft, and rough accumulations known as rime interrupt the flow of air over wings.  In severe cases, a plane can lose so much lift that it falls out of the sky.  In addition to icy conditions, airplane crashes can be caused because of pilot error, defective component parts or inadequate airplane maintenance.  The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating what role icing may have played in the crash.

No motorists on the highway were injured, but traffic in the area was delayed for hours due to the accident.

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