$200K Verdict After Woman Hit by School Bus

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$200K Verdict After Woman Hit by School Bus

Messa & Associates Attorneys, Lee D. Rosenfeld and Graham R. Bickel, secure a $200K verdict for a woman struck by a school bus while walking in a crosswalk.

The woman was crossing the street at 3rd and Jackson in Philadelphia when a school bus made a turn and struck her. She was knocked to the ground and rendered unconscious at the time of the incident.

The plaintiff sustained permanent impairments to her shoulder and spine.

Messa & Associates attorneys, Lee D. Rosenfeld and Graham R. Bickel spent two days in City Hall on trial fighting for a fair verdict.

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$5.4 Million settlement on behalf of a client who was run over by a garbage truck and dragged for more than 10 feet.
$3 Million recovery after child was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street
$1.5 Million recovery on behalf of the Estate of a 20-year-old woman who was killed after being run over in the street by a garbage truck.


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