Amtrak train crash kills two, injures 116 others

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Jeff Blake/Associated Press

Over the weekend, an Amtrak passenger train traveling between New York and Miami was wrongly diverted to a side track and crashed into a freight train in South Carolina. Two Amtrak employees were killed and 116 of the 147 passengers on board were injured.

Amtrak train 91 should have traveled straight down the tracks but a rail switch had been manually set to divert to a side track where a CSX freight train was parked. A padlock held the rail switch in place which is standard procedure, but it’s unknown why or how the switch became aligned that way.

The two employees killed were train engineer Michael Kempf (54) of Savannah, GA, and conductor Michael Cella (36)of Orange Park, FL. Injuries of over 100 passengers ranged from bumps and bruises to broken bones. 116 passengers were transported to local hospitals for treatment.

No Positive Train Control

As has been a unifying theme in the multiple Amtrak crashes that have made the news in the last few years, positive train control (PTC) was not installed on the tracks where the crash occurred. National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt said that if PTC had been installed on the stretch of track, the crash could have been prevented. Amtrak President and CEO, Michael Andersen, was quick to point out that the tracks where the crash occurred were wholly owned and operated by CSX. According to Anderson, CSX has complete control of the tracks, signals, and switches in the area where the crash happened.

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New Jersey and Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys

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