Attention Pennsylvania Drivers: Changes to Move Over Law Effective April 27th, 2021

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Changes to Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law will take effect in little more than a week. Keep reading to learn about how these changes might affect you.

What is Pennsylvania’s Move Over Law

The Move Over Law in Pennsylvania is meant to protect persons and vehicles involved in an emergency response situation by requiring that passing drivers merge into a lane further away as they approach the response area. Changes to the law will require drivers who can not merge into another lane to slow their vehicle’s speed to at least 20mph below the posted speed limit. The law’s new updates also put into place a new points and fine system for offenders, as follows;

  • Imposes two points for failure to merge into an appropriate lane.
  • Sets fines equaling $500 for first-time offenders, $1000 for second-time offenders, and $2,000 for third or otherwise repetitive offenders.
  • Requires 90-day license suspension for third or subsequent offenses.
  • Requires six-month license suspension and fines of up to $10,000 if the driver’s failure to slow and/or merge results in the injury or death of an emergency responder or someone close to a disabled vehicle.
  • Doubles the fines for traffic violations committed in emergency response areas when emergency responders are present.

Drivers will know when they are approaching an emergency response area covered by the Move Over Law when they see the following:

  • Hazard lights
  • Caution signs or other traffic control devices
  • Road flares

Philadelphia Injury Attorneys at Messa & Associates

The provisions of the Mover Over Law are meant to increase safety for drivers and emergency responders alike. Collisions that require emergency response are already dangerous and stressful situations. It’s important to do our part as motorists to maintain the safety of those with whom we share the road.

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