Fatal Fire in High Rise Apartment Bronx, New York

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Another tragic fire occurred in the Bronx taking the lives of nineteen people including nine children. There are an additional 44 people injured with 13 in critical care. This is the deadliest fire that New York City has seen in 30 years. 

A malfunctioning electric space heater is determined to be the cause of the fire. In addition, the smoke was able to spread quickly through multiple floors of the apartment building due to doors being left open in stairwells, which should close automatically. 

Space heaters are the second leading cause of house fires in the United States. It is important to take extreme caution when using them and checking for recalls on your specific heater.  

Messa & Associates would like to offer our deepest condolences to the people and families affected by this fire. 

Currently, we are handling the case of a fatal fire that occurred in December of 2017 after a space heater malfunctioned and 2 young boys were not able to escape. The space heater used in the home was almost identical to a space heater recalled in 1991 but continued to be sold in popular stores throughout the United States including Home Depot. This specific space heater is the blame for multiple fatal fires. 

We are also handling a case against an apartment complex management company after a fire occurred and multiple tenants were injured. The management company knew of multiple fire and safety hazards within the building and chose to not make any of the improvements necessary even after warnings that without the updates, their tenants would be at risk of injury or death if a fire occurred. 

We have, and will continue to fight companies selling space heaters along with other fire hazards and push them to create safer products to stop fatal fires from occurring. 

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