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While 2023 comes to an end, it is important to take time to reflect on the accomplishments throughout the year and relationships created with clients, team members, friends and family.
As a plaintiff’s attorney working in the injury field, bittersweet feelings come up when working with our clients, typically over the course of years. On one hand, it is indisputable that we are on the right side of justice. We fight big corporations, Medical and insurance industries, always for those who need it the most. On the other hand, it is never easy to see how our many clients and their families suffer due to the negligence of others.
This year we represented a family who lost their two young children due to a defective heating appliance and smoke detector. Both corporations knew their products were defective and resulted in many deaths prior to our clients, but continued to market and sell their products despite that fact. Our team recovered a seven-figure settlement for the family. While money will never replace loved ones, it is a stepping stone for these companies to start making changes to protect innocent lives.
Another family also received an eight-figure recovery after losing loved ones to a drunk driver. We fought against the multi-million-dollar corporations responsible for over serving and allowing a dangerous person behind the wheel of a vehicle.
I have always had a soft spot in my heart for children. So, when a case comes up and the victim is a child, it is a push to continue to fight even when the reason for the fight is tragic. We are currently representing a child that will never live a normal life due to many mistakes made during their birth.
This year we continued traditions such as the annual “Adopt a Family” through the Salvation Army. Our team steps up and collects gifts for a local family in need so they can have a real Christmas. We also hold an annual “Toys for Tots” drive which typically collects well over 200 toys for the US Marines to distribute to less fortunate families.
It should go without saying that I would not be where I am today without our dedicated attorneys and staff. The Messa & Associates team truly cares about our clients. We build relationships and become invested in the lives of these people who have suffered.
In 2024, we will continue the fight every day. Each year we have grown a little bigger, now 17 lawyers and over 30 staff strong, giving us more strength and opportunity to stand up and be the voice for our clients who need an advocate to fight for them..
Thank you to those who have been part of the Messa & Associates journey, we look forward to many years to come. Have a safe and Happy New Year!


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