Announcement: Juul E-Cigarettes Banned in the US

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Announcement: Juul E-Cigarettes Banned in the US

On June 23rd, 2022 the FDA officially banned the selling of the e-cigarettes manufactured by the popular brand, Juul Labs Inc. The FDA stated that the vape product company is unable to show sufficient information about the toxicological profile of the products regarding the chemical ingredients that can be harmful to public health.

This is not the first time that Juul Labs is facing scrutiny. As recently as April, a lawsuit was settled against them claiming that the company intentionally targeted teenagers with their products.

Juul products among other e-cigarette brands are causing lung damage and users are being diagnosed with EVALI, a medical condition in which inflammation occurs in the lungs caused in response to the use of inhaled substances. Vitamin E acetate is the substance most associated with EVALI but is not the only one. Other chemicals like triglycerides, plant oils, diluent terpenes, and petroleum distillates were also found in some of the patients’ samples.

In 2020, the CDC stated there were almost 3,000 EVALI cases and 68 reported deaths.

When e-cigarettes were first introduced in 2007, they were marketed as a solution for conventional cigarette smokers. Now children are dying from the use of the product, including a 15-year-old boy who passed in 2020 after a vaping lung injury.
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