Man Dies in Hospital After Being Tased by SEPTA Police Officer

By Joe Messa

Oct 27

Man Tased to Death by Officer An altercation between two men and a SEPTA police officer ended in the death of a young man outside the Huntingdon SEPTA station on Monday.

Security cameras caught footage of an officer escorting a young man out of the station just before 2 a.m. Upon exiting the station, it’s reported that the young man engaged in a heated verbal argument with someone else on the street. At that point, the officer intervened and the young man began a physical altercation with the officer.

Security footage shows the two wrestling on the ground and shows the young man bite the officer. The rest of the fight isn’t picked up by the cameras, but it is known that at some point after 1:56 a.m., the officer used his taser weapon to subdue the the man.

Police back-up arrived at the scene around 2:04 a.m. and the man, who was conscious, was apprehended and placed in the back of a police cruiser. Standard procedure calls for taser victims to be taken directly to the hospital, but at some point during the car ride to Aria Frankford, the man became unresponsive.

He was pronounced dead at Aria Frankford at 2:56 a.m.

Investigation is still underway and it us currently unknown if police brutality or unnecessary force was used in the apprehension of the still unidentified man who died. SEPTA Police Chief, Thomas Nester, III, asserted that SEPTA officers are trained once a year on how to properly use taser weapons and that each and every use of a taser is tracked and investigated by the department.

Nester offered that in 2015, tasers have been deployed 55 times, and removed from holsters to be used as a warning an additional 119 times.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys Represent Taser Death Victim in Virginia

Personal injury attorneys at Messa & Associates represent the family of a deceased man, Linwood Lambert, Jr., who died after being tased three times by officers in the South Boston, Virginia Police Department. Mr. Lambert was unarmed, handcuffed, and on his way to the hospital when officers tased him three separate times. He was then re-routed from the ER to the jail, but fell unresponsive on the way.

Mr. Lambert was taken back to the hospital by paramedics, in full cardiac arrest. Mr. Lambert died in the ambulance.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorneys

Linwood Lambert, Jr. was a victim of the negligent use of tasers by law enforcement. It is too early in the investigation to determine whether the unidentified man who died Monday was also the victim of this negligent behavior, but it is not uncommon for tasers to be used negligently and irresponsibly.

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