Study Says Infections Acquired at Hospitals are Expensive to Treat

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Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys report the results of a study published by JAMA Internal Medicine. According to Harvard researchers, the five most common infections that patients acquire after hospitalization cost the U.S. health care system almost $10 billion a year. In addition to being very costly, the infections are also dangerous posing additional injuries, sometimes life-threatening, to patients.

On the list of commonly acquired hospital infections were central line-associated bloodstream infections which cost an average of $45,000 per case to treat. Pneumonia infections were the next most expensive costing approximately $40,000 per case. Researchers say those infections tend to occur in patients who are put on ventilators to help them breathe. The most common infections, surgical site infections, are estimated to cost about $21,000 each to treat. Clostridium difficile infections (called C. difficile) which affect about four in every 1,000 hospital admits, are the second most common type of and cost about $11,000 per case to treat. Finally, at $900 each urinary tract infections are commonly linked to patients who require the use of catheters.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Agree that Hospitals Must Focus on Prevention Efforts to Decrease Infections

As much as half of all hospital acquired infections are preventable. Researchers recommend focusing more on prevention efforts to decrease the number of infections. With about one out of every 20 patients who are admitted to a U.S. hospital acquiring an infection, prevention should certainly be a priority as patient safety is always important.

The study used a large, national database maintained by the CDC to estimate the number of health care-associated infections. Infections acquired in facilities outside of hospital settings and pediatric infections were not taken into account. Experts have pointed out that had those numbers taken into account as well the actual costs to treat infections would have been much higher and estimated it at between $20 billion and $40 billion a year.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Philadelphia and New Jersey

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