Medical Malpractice Attorneys: Part Two of the Discussion on Ways to Improve Patient Safety in Hospitals, Physician Offices

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In our last blog post, we discussed the September 22, 2012 Wall Street Journal article, How to Stop Hospitals From Killing Us, written by Dr. Marty Makary. In the article, Dr. Makary details the effect of medical errors on patient safety and talks about five things that can be done to help medical professionals learn from their errors.

His suggestions to help improve the medical treatment in American include five initiatives that could take place to reform the way patient care is handled. Our five-part series continues with a discussion of the second point he raises.

Medical Malpractice Attorneys Consider Second Recommendation Made to Improvement Patient Safety

Dr. Makary says that “safety culture scores” would help to address the high rate of medical malpractice cases that affect thousands of Americans each year. Safety culture scores would assess a hospital staff’s comfort level with speaking up if they feared a medical error had or was about to occur. The score could also serve to evaluate how employees felt about other factors related to their workplace such as teamwork, safety and their specific role in patient safety.

In a survey of doctors, nurses, technicians and other employees at 60 U.S. hospitals, about one-third of employees believed the teamwork at their hospital was bad. At other hospitals, however, marks were as high as 99% of the staff reporting that teamwork at their hospital was good. The results correlated strongly with infection rates and patient outcomes proving that teamwork meant better and safer care for patients. The survey was administered by Dr. Makary and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins.

Providing this information to patients and their families would indeed help to improve patient safety. Of course, every hospital would strive to have great safety culture scores—especially if they knew the information was going to be public. Therefore, doctors and their staffs would be more mindful of creating a team environment.

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