Medical Malpractice Lawyers Say Patient Safety Data Sheds New Light on the Nation’s “Best” Hospitals

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Consumer Reports published hospitals rankings last week that rate hospitals entirely based on patient safety data. Surprisingly, not one of the 17 hospitals named to the U.S. News and World Report‘s “honor roll” of the nation’s “best” hospitals made the Consumer Reports’ Top Ten Hospital list. Patient safety data included factors like mortality, infections, and readmission rates.

The Consumer Reports ratings actually list what many would likely regard as the best hospitals among hospitals with the poorest safety rankings. For instance, Mass General and Mount Sinai in New York, both prestigious hospitals with great reputations, have significantly more complications and higher mortality than the average hospital. In addition, New York Presbyterian and UCLA do worse than average on complications. All three hospitals plus the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. performed poorly with regards to their ability to communicate with patients about the recovery process and medications.

The U.S. News and World Report survey is typically based on a hospital’s reputation and its ability to perform highly technical, advanced surgeries that the general population will likely never need. However, day-to-day treatment of patients is not taken into account. Therefore, it can be dangerous for a patient to choose where to get treatment based on this information alone.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Remind Patients that Patient Safety Standards are Critical in Preventing Hospital Errors

The Consumer Reports list serves as a great reminder that hospitals and medical professionals should always consider patient safety a priority. Some hospitals have put patient safety procedures in place to ensure that patients are given the best possible treatment and to help to minimize hospital errors.

Hospitals errors and medical mistakes can be detrimental to a patient. In many cases, patients suffer serious injuries as a result of medical mistakes and can require additional care to treat their injuries. Common injuries from medical mistakes and hospital errors as a result of a lack of patient safety standards can include amputation, infections and sepsis. These injuries sometimes create the need for additional medical treatment and surgeries, and may cause death.

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