Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Medical Technician Who Worked in Philadelphia Accused of Infecting Patients with Hepatitis C

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Medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia have recently learned that a traveling medical technician is being held in federal prison and will likely face additional charges after being accused of infecting at least 30 patients with hepatitis C. Health officials are continuing their search for more victims as it was recently confirmed by The Pennsylvania Department of Health that the man worked at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia from April 7 to April 30, 2010. The facility is currently reaching out to patients with whom he may have had contact.

David Kwiatkowski, a Michigan native, also a brief assignment at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian from March 17 to May 7, 2008. Kwiatkowski worked for staffing agencies and was sent to hospitals around the country for temporary jobs. According, to federal prosecutors he has worked in at least eight states since 2007. Those states include Michigan, Maryland, New York, Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.

Kwiatkowski was charged last week with fraudulently obtaining drugs and tampering with a consumer product. He is also accused of stealing anesthetic drugs from the cardiac catheterization lab at a New Hampshire hospital where he worked from April 1, 2011, to May 25, 2012 and injected himself with syringes. He then used the contaminated syringes on patients. So far, thirty patients have been diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis C that Kwiatkowski carries.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers: Testing Recommended for Patients Who May Have Contracted Hepatitis C

The state of New Hampshire’s Public Health Department recommends anyone who had surgery at Exeter Hospital or was admitted to its intensive care unit during the timeframe of Kwiatkowski’s employment get tested for Hepatitis C. Hospital officials say Kwiatkowski occasionally moved patients to operating rooms or the ICU although he was not involved with procedures or patient care in those units. The new recommendation includes about 6,000 people. However, some of those people are already covered under the 1,300 patients who have already been tested.

Hepatitis C is an infection caused by a virus that attacks the liver and leads to inflammation. Typically, those infected with the virus have no symptoms, and only find out they have it when liver damage shows up during routine medical tests. Hepatitis C is passed through contact with contaminated blood. Those infected with Hepatitis C may suffer from scarring of the liver tissue (known as cirrhosis), liver cancer or liver failure.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Philadelphia and New Jersey

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