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Padova for Judge, Judge John Padova

John Padova, Jr. is running for Judge in the May 2021 Philadelphia Primary Election, for a place in the November 2021 Philadelphia General Election.

Who is John Padova, Jr.?

John Padova, Jr. is a life-long friend of Messa & Associates founder, Joseph L. Messa, Jr. He is the eldest son of USDC Judge, Honorable John Padova Sr., and Ann Padova, RN. He was appointed to the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court by Governor Wolf in January 2020. He is now running for a full-term Judgeship in order to make a difference in the lives of all Philadelphians.

In an election year with an unprecedented number of judicial candidates, John needs our help more than ever! We are asking for your financial support today to begin preparing for the upcoming election. 

Professional Highlights

Before his judicial appointment, John Padova was a practicing attorney for over 30 years, fighting for the interests of the clients he represented, including low-income families, persons with disabilities, injured victims of negligence, students, workers, lawyers, doctors, and athletes. In 1996. John was appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to serve on the Disciplinary Committee. From 1996-2000 as a member of this committee, John presided over ethical complaints against attorneys and helped maintain integrity in his profession. As a volunteer Judge Pro Tempore for the Philadelphia Mortgage Diversion Program, John worked with lenders and families to rehabilitate defaulted mortgages and help keep families out of foreclosure and in their homes.

Personal Highlights

Outside of the courtroom, John is a competitive athlete, coach, and mentor. As a collegiate All-American athlete, record-holding powerlifter, and Pan-American and International Jiu-Jitsu Gold Medalist, John credits the discipline required to excel in these endeavors for shaping his judicial philosophy. John gives back to his community by training and coaching young athletes to foster positive development and motivational skills for them to succeed in reaching their goals.

John Padova is a proud lifetime resident of Philadelphia with a desire to serve his community and uphold justice. As an advocate for equal treatment, safe job sites, and consumer protections, John upholds working class values and looks forward to upholding these values in the courtroom.

Contribute to John Padova, Jr.’s Campaign

Please join us in supporting John Padova, Jr. for Judge by clicking on your desired contribution level below.


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