This Philly Crew is heading to Arizona- and they’re taking the scenic route…

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This Philly Crew is heading to Arizona- and they’re taking the scenic route…

That’s right, forget about American Airlines, this group of die-hard Eagles fans are in it for the long haul and driving to the Super Bowl. But don’t worry, they are riding in style!

Founder of Messa & Associates, Joseph Messa, is taking his passion from the courtroom to the stadium this weekend. If you know anything about Joe Messa, you know that if he does something, he does it big. Rewind, a couple years ago when Joe decided he was ready to start throwing the best tailgates that the Linc has ever seen, he called up his business partner and construction wizard, Abner Garcia. In no time, the lot was louder than ever before with a shiny new tailgate trailer.

Now, this isn’t your run of the mill tailgate with some hamburgers and a cooler of beers- we are talking a fully customized Eagles tailgate trailer with a full bar, beer on tap, pizza oven, private bathroom, and atmosphere that screams Philly- and this weekend they’re bringing all that with them!

They refer to themselves as “Messa & the Crewsaders” which is made up of seven guys who put together a tailgate that hosts upwards of 100 people every home game.
Abner, co-captain of this endeavor, is trekking the trailer from South Philadelphia to Glendale, Arizona – and they are on their way now! You may have caught a glimpse of them on the news over the weekend, where freezing temperatures and high winds only got their blood pumping higher. But if you missed it, you’ll be able to follow along as they vlog their journey across the country, with a special stop at Arrowhead Stadium.

Abner told me “Joe gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t pass it up. He asked would I dare to pull this off, I told him with his help, and the help of my crew, I can get it done. MESSA AND THE CREWSADERS!” He says he is looking forward to driving back to continue the celebration, with a parade down Broad Street.

When Dan Sileo on The National Football Show asked Joe about the cross country drive he said “It’s go big or go home Dan, that’s the way I live my life.” Joe goes on to talk about the event “We’re going to throw it up and have a big time Philly party out there in Arizona… and have a real, hometown Philly tailgate in Arizona.”

For the Eagles fans in Arizona this weekend looking for a celebration, just look for the trailer with cross street signs of 22nd and Sansom popping out of the roof.

If you are interested in following Messa & The Crewsaders on their journey, they are going live here!

You can take the guys out of Philly, but these guys are taking Philly with them!


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