A new Federal safety standard for infant bouncer seats is now in effect

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A new federal safety standard has taken effect in an effort to make infant bouncer seats safer in the United States. The new mandatory standard will apply to any infant bouncer chair manufactured or imported after March 19, 2018.

The new rules included in this updated standard revolve around fall hazards. Warnings will be placed on the front of the seat near where the baby’s head and shoulders would be in order to provide optimum visibility. Warning labels must included the following statements:

  • “Use bouncer ONLY on floor.”
  • “ALWAYS use restraints and adjust to fit snugly, even if baby falls asleep.”
  • “STOP using bouncer when baby starts trying to sit-up or has reached [insert manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight, not to exceed 20lbs.], whichever comes first.”

Why a new standard for infant bouncer seats?

Between January 2006 and July 2016, there were 347 incident reports to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) involving bouncer seats, including 12 fatalities and 54 injuries. The major cause of fatality was suffocation caused by unrestrained babies turning over in a bouncer, or bouncers tipped over onto soft surfaces when placed on adult beds or cribs. The majority of the remaining incidents were caused by infants falling from bouncers placed in hazardous locations like countertops, tables, and other elevated surfaces.

The CPSC recommends the following tips when using infant bouncer seats;

  • Always use the bouncer on the floor.
  • Never place the bouncer on a soft surface like a bed or sofa.
  • Always use restraints and adjust so they fit snugly, even if the baby is asleep.
  • Keep the bouncer seat within eyesight while in use.

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