Personal Injury Attorneys: Annual WATCH List for 10 Worst Toys Released

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World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (W.A.T.C.H.) has released its annual list of the Top 10 most dangerous toys. The theme for this year’s list is toys that have been designed and marketed for sales instead of safety. The list has a number of toys that capitalize on popular movies of television shows, but don’t consider the potential for injury to children.

W.A.T.C.H also warns that the marketing of a toy is often inconsistent with the toy’s own instructions and set of warnings. Parents must be vigilant this time of year, not only in purchasing toys that are safe for their children, but also in following the safety instructions of any toy. Parents can not assume that all toys on the market are safe. Some toys that are approved by current industry standards have been proven to be hazardous. More importantly, recalls are reactive and not proactive. To avoid personal injury to any child, steer clear of the toys on this year’s list.

Air Storm Firetek Bow

Among the warnings on this toy  is an instruction not to pull the arrows back “more than half strength”, and that the illuminated bow and arrows “designed for night and day” are “not for play in complete darkness”. Sold at Walmart and

Radio Flyer Ziggle

With this toy, young children are encourage to twist and spin and “try new tricks” and “race around the block”. The low profile makes it particularly dangerous for young children. Furthermore, despite warnings to always wear safety gear, the young boy on the front is without any. Sold at Target, Toys R Us, and


While the  Catapencil urges children to play safe, it also encourages them to use it as “target practice for your desktop”. This product has obvious risks for personal injury to children. Sharpened pencils should not be marketed as toys,much less a slingshot style launcher. This toy also has no warnings or age recommendations. Sold at,, and Learning Express.

Alphabet Zoo Rock & Stack Pull Toy

While the industry does have standards about the length of strings and cords on playpen and crib toys, this toy does not meet them. Strings and cords must be less than 12 inches, and this one is 20 inches. The manufacturer does recognize the potential for srtangulation and personal injury in a warning on the bottom of the package, but nowhere on the toy itself. Sold at, Toys R Us, Magic Beans.

Swat Electronic Machine Gun

In today’s world, there is no good reason to equip children with realistic replicas of harmful weapons. The regulations governing such toys are not adequate as of yet. Detailed replicas have resulted in a number of deaths and injuries over the years. Sold at Kmart.

Wooden Instruments

This toy is manufactured and distributed by Walmart. The instrument set is advertised for children as young as 12 months, and the manufacturer provides no warning regarding the slender and small drumstick. It has the potential to be mouthed and occlude a child’s airway, causing injury. Sold at Walmart

Bottle Rocket Party

This toy is marketed to children as young as 8, and has a lot of obvious potential to cause personal injury. While it does come with caution tape, it does not come with the “required” safety goggles. Sold at,, and Village Toy Shop.

Lil’ Cutesies – Best Friends

These toys, marketed for children as young as 2, come with decorative bows that can detach and pose a choking hazard. Sold at Kmart,, and

True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer

The battle hammer has potential for blunt impact injuries. It encourages children as young as 3, to play the part of a “savage Orc” by wielding a nearly 2 foot hammer. Sold at Toys R Us.

Colored Hedgehog

This colorful hedgehog is sold for infants but has long hair that is not sufficiently rooted and can be removed. If swallowed by a child, it could cause ingestion and aspiration injuries. Sold at Toys R Us.

Here at Messa & Associates, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season. Follow these recommendations to avoid any unnecessary personal injury this joyful time of  year.


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