Bayer Adds Health Warnings to Essure Patient Information Booklets

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Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer | essure lawyer | essure side effects | essure problems Philadelphia personal injury attorneys have learned that Bayer asked the Food and Drug Administration to allow them to make changes to its patient information booklet regarding Essure last month. Bayer will add information concerning side effects related to the permanent birth control procedure. The modification comes after numerous reports of women who have suffered injuries after having the Essure procedure. Many of the women have come forward reporting complaints to the FDA and even more of the women have formed groups to share their Essure experiences on the social media website, Facebook.

According to reports, information regarding the most common side effects of Essure—chronic pelvic pain and migration of the device—are included in the revised materials warning patients of the procedure’s potential risks. Since 2002, when Essure made its debut on the market, approximately 750,000 women have been implanted with the device.

Essure is a permanent form of birth control where two bendable coils are placed into the fallopian tubes, passed from the vagina through the cervix and uterus. Scar tissue then forms around the coils and blocks the tubes from insemination. The coils are partly made of nickel. In its initial stages, the FDA required women to undergo testing for a nickel allergy prior to having the Essure procedure done. However, that requirement was eliminated a few years ago at the request of the manufacturer.

In addition to allergic reactions from the nickel, women have also detailed other injuries. The most common are severe pelvic pain and device migration where the Essure coils perforate their fallopian tubes or travel to another part of their bodies. Other reports include women who become pregnant anyway then suffer miscarriages, bloating, persistent headaches, rashes, excessive bleeding, and eventually undergo full hysterectomies.

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