Six People Dead After Building Collapses on Market Street in Center City

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  • Six People Dead After Building Collapses on Market Street in Center City

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Michael Bryant/AP
Philadelphia personal injury attorneys report that a four-story property on Market Street collapsed yesterday killing six people. More than a dozen people were rescued and taken to area hospitals. The building collapsed onto a two-story property where the Salvation Army Thrift Store is located. The four-story building was being demolished by a local construction company.

Initial reports indicated that many of victims rescued were taken from the scene with class-three (minor) injuries. However, later in the afternoon, officials confirmed that the body of a 35-year-old woman had been recovered. As rescue efforts continued into the evening, a 61-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble just before midnight. She was taken to the hospital and listed in critical condition. An additional five bodies were also recovered last night. Officials say 68-year-old Borbor Davis is one the victims who perished. They have not confirmed the identities of the others killed by the building collapse. About 125 firefighters and other emergency personnel worked on the scene yesterday and efforts are expected to resume this morning.

Personal Injury Attorneys Say Construction Sites Can Be Dangerous, Cause Serious Injuries

Construction sites are often dangerous areas filled with large machinery and debris. Those areas should have regulations for who may be onsite and proper safety equipment that must be worn while working. In case of construction site accidents, serious injuries can occur. Those injuries may include traumatic brain injury, head and neck or another permanent injury with lasting effects. In addition to those working on construction sites, people near or passing by those sites can also be injured by falling debris or an entire building collapse. Those victims may also suffer injuries requiring immediate medical treatment and future care.

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