Child Dies, Mother Injured After Airport Sign Falls

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philadelphia personal injury lawyers | new jersey personal injury lawyersPhiladelphia personal injury attorneys report that a young boy was killed after a sign at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport fell onto him and his family as they walked through the airport on Friday. The boy’s mother and two of his brothers were also injured by the 300-pound arrival-departure panel.

The Bresette family was making their return home to Overland Park, Kan. from spring vacation when the sign fell from the wall. According to reports, six people lifted the large board and about a dozen people worked to hold the sign up so first responders could administer aid. The concourse where the family was injured was just opened earlier this month following renovations to upgrade the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. The construction, managed by Brasfield & Gorrie Global Services Group, began in June 2011. A flight information sign identical to the one that fell was taken down on Saturday as officials continued to investigate.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Defective Products May Cause Serious Injuries to Children

The boy’s brother’s suffered serious injuries as a result of the defective flight information panel. His brother, 5-year-old Tyler, suffered a concussion and 8-year-old Sam has a broken leg and nose. Their mother, Heather Bresette, underwent surgeries for broken ankles and a crushed pelvis over the weekend, but is still in intensive care and unconscious. She has not yet been told of the child’s death.

The boys’ father, Ryan Bresette, and an older son and daughter, were also travelling with the family were unharmed by the airport sign when it fell.

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