Personal Injury Attorneys: Prempro Cases Have Cost Pfizer $896 Million

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Personal Injury Attorneys: Prempro Cases Have Cost Pfizer $896 Million

philadelphia personal injury attorneysPersonal injury attorneys have learned that, according to documents filed by Pfizer, the drug company has paid $896 million to settle about 60 percent of the cases involving its menopause drug, Prempro. The cases are a result of claims made by Prempro users alleging the drug caused breast cancer.

Pfizer expects to resolve about 4,000 additional lawsuits in connection with Prempro. They have put aside an additional $330 million for those cases. Prempro was prescribed to about 6 million women to treat symptoms related to menopause. In 2002, the National Institutes of Health released the Women’s Health Initiative study linking Prempro and other menopause drugs to cancer.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Juries Have Held Pfizer Responsible for Injuries to Women Who Have Taken Prempro

In 11 of 21 cases taken to a jury trial, Pfizer and its subsidiaries have been found liable for injuries Prempro has caused to women who have used the drug. Prempro combines the hormones estrogen and progestin to treat symptoms related to menopause. Pfizer has faced about 10,000 lawsuits involving Prempro. Many of the claims were consolidated in federal court in Arkansas, but others were filed in state courts in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arkansas and Minnesota.

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