Jury Awards $35 Million to Man Who Was Attacked Outside Six Flags Entrance

By Joe Messa

Dec 04
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Philadelphia personal injury attorneys say that negligent security was at the center of a case involving the beating of a man as he and friends waited for a bus just outside of Six Flags Over Georgia. In the end, the jury sided with the plaintiff awarding him $35 million in damages after finding that Six Flags did have a duty to keep the entrance to its property safe.

In 2007, Joshua Martin and his friends were waiting for a bus after exiting Six Flags when a group of gang members randomly selected them and began attacking them. The gang members included four Six Flags employees. Joshua suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the attack. The four employees involved in the beating were all named in the lawsuit in addition to having criminal charges filed against them. The jury found each of them to be responsible for 2 percent of the fault, or $700,000 each. They were all also either convicted of or pled guilty to the criminal charges. Six Flags was found to be 92 percent at fault as they were negligent in providing security outside of the park’s entrance. The company will pay $32.2 million in damages.

Personal Injury Attorneys Argued That Six Flags Had a Duty to Provide Security at its Entrance

Attorneys for the plaintiff argued that Six Flags was responsible for securing the park’s entrance. The expectation of that was heightened even more so because there was “evidence that Six Flags tolerated its employees being in gangs and ignored the culture of violence on its property,” according to one of the attorneys. Prior to the beating Joshua suffered which resulted in his traumatic brain injury; there had been other violent incidents at or near the bus stop, including a drive-by shooting and gang activity.

Six Flags failed to addressed these violence on the property and instead argued that the property where the issues had occurred were outside of its property line. However, the jury agreed with the plaintiff’s attorney that Six Flags that there was negligent security since Georgia law requires that a company like Six Flags keep its premises and approaches safe, and that the park was responsible for the area as it is the only way to enter and exit the park’s property.

The trial lasted seven days and was heard in Cobb County, Georgia before Cobb County State Court Judge Kathryn Tanksley.

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