Personal Injury Attorneys Weigh in on Takata Airbag Recalls

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takata recall, takata airbags, exploding airbags, airbag recall, shrapnel airbagIf you’ve been paying attention at all to current events in October, then you’ve no doubt heard about the massive automotive recalls made by car manufacturers regarding defective airbags produced by Japanese automotive parts maker, Takata Corporation.

The recalls revolve around defective airbags, installed in upwards of 11 million vehicles, that have been linked to four deaths and over 100 injuries. When the defective airbags are deployed, a metal can of chemical propellant explodes, sending shrapnel into the vehicle and harming drivers and passengers. Sean Kane, Founder and President of Safety Research and Strategies, Inc., likened the exploding metal canister to an improvised explosive device (IED), saying, “This is literally like having an IED in your car. When it explodes, it literally sends shrapnel into the vehicle and peppers the occupants, causing severe lacerations and in some cases, death.”

Car Makers Ignore Information on Exploding Airbags

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that Honda, the biggest buyers of Takata airbags, learned about the exploding airbags in 2004 but did not make any recalls until 2008. Clarence Ditlow, who leads the Center for Auto Safety, said, “This is one of the deadliest defects that we’ve ever seen yet, 10 years later, we’re just beginning to get to the bottom of it.”

Takata believes that the exploding canisters are being caused by humidity, allowing moisture to permeate the mechanism. The recalls began happening geographically in warmer climates, but since, car makers have been issuing nationwide recalls and provided repairs to drivers with the defective airbags.

Toyota, one of ten car manufacturers that issued recalls for the defective airbags, issued an urgent warning to all customers, stating that anyone affected by the recall should have no passengers until the airbags are fixed.

Look below for a complete list of all affected vehicles. If your vehicle is on the list, call your car dealer to ask about replacement and repair details.

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