Personal Injury Attorneys: Federal Officials File Complaint to Force Zen Magnets Off the Market

By Joe Messa

Aug 10

Consumer safety officials and personal injury attorneys have filed a second complaint against Zen Magnets in an attempt to force a desktop magnet toy for adults off the market. Zen Magnets are tiny magnets that can be molded into different shapes. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the magnets can cause injuries to children who also play with them and to teenagers who use them to mimic tongue, lip, or cheek piercings. If Zen Magnets are accidentally swallowed or inhaled, they can pinch internal tissue, causing infection or even death.

Although the magnets are not made for children, the CPSC said in its complaint that the company advertises the magnets as “fun to play with,” and even referred to them in some packaging inserts as a “strong magnetic toy.” Therefore, injuries to children could occur if children perceived the Zen Magnets as a fun toy with which they could play. The CPSC maintains that these types of magnets are hazardous products and that it’s claims are not against Zen, but against the product as a whole. Two weeks ago, the CPSC filed a similar complaint against Maxfield and Oberton, the manufacturer of “Buckyballs” magnets. So far, 11 manufacturers and importers of the magnets have agreed voluntarily to take them off the market. At least a dozen children have swallowed magnets since 2009, the CPSC said, and some required surgery.

Typically the CPSC works with companies to stop the sale of dangerous products. It is rare that the commission will move to remove a product from the market entirely. None of the incidents involved those sold by Zen Magnets.

Personal Injury Attorneys: Defective Products can Result in Injuries to Children

Thousands of children in the United States are injured as a result of defective products each year. Many of these injuries could have been avoided if safety measures had been taken or if manufacturers of defective products properly warned parents of the risks involved with using a product.

Injuries to children involving the use of a dangerous or defective product can result in severe, catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, burns, paralysis, amputation and death.

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