Deaths Linked to Energy Drinks Spark Talk of Warning Labels on Popular Beverages

By Joe Messa

Nov 29

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration may require new labels with health warnings on caffeinated energy drinks, according issued by the agency. No official decision has been made yet as they are still reviewing the safety of the drinks and the levels of caffeine in the products. The FDA is also expected to determine whether the drinks pose risks arising from toxic effects for young people and those with pre-existing health issues, such as heart conditions.

In addition to the safety review, the FDA released a report earlier this month indicating 5-Hour Energy had been associated with 18 deaths since 2004 and Monster drinks have been connected to five deaths. There have also been more than 100 health incidents reported by consumers who drank 5-Hour Energy. The parents of a child who died after consuming two cans of Monster Beverage’s energy drink have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

Personal Injury Lawyers: Energy Drink Companies Not Required to Report Adverse Health Incidents

Although a 2006 law requires dietary supplement producers to report any adverse effects related to their products to the FDA, most energy drinks are regulated as a beverage. Therefore, drinks such as Monster, 5-Hour Energy and Red Bull are not required to report adverse health incidents. In light of the deaths and other injuries associated with energy drinks on the market, the FDA says it is in the process of distinguishing between dietary supplement drinks and caffeinated beverages such as sodas to provide more clarity.

Currently, a few energy drink companies voluntarily report the levels of stimulants in their products and discourage use by children under the age of 12 in accordance with guidelines set forth by the American Beverage Association. Still others, like 5-Hour Energy, do not disclose the amount of caffeine in their drinks.

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