Nursing Home Fined for Insufficiently Caring for Residents

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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers report that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has issued a $10,000 fine to the Rosewood Heights nursing home in Syracuse, New York. The nursing home was fined after receiving 26 violations following an inspection last year.

The inspection found that employees at Rosewood Heights nursing home failed to properly supervise residents who were at risk of choking on their food during meals, putting the residents in danger of serious injury or death. Three of the 26 violations were classified as “immediate jeopardy,” the most serious type of infraction, according to the state of New York’s Health Department website and twelve of the 26 violations were repeat problems.

Last March, Rosewood Heights was put on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services list of the nation’s worst nursing homes. The nursing home, owned by St. Joseph’s and Crouse hospitals, was advised at that time that it needed to improve within 18 to 24 months or face the possibility of losing its Medicare and Medicaid funding.

Personal Injury Lawyers: Nursing Home Abuse Can Lead to Serious Injuries, Death

Nursing home abuse occurs when an elderly person who has been left under the care of a facility is not receiving the treatment he or she should be receiving. There are several types of abuse that can be considered nursing home abuse. Some of the most common injuries include: malnourishment, dehydration, failing to properly care for a wound or bedsore, falls and physical abuse. In many cases, abuse occurs because nursing home workers fail to properly perform their job tasks due to lack of training, lack of funding, frustration or poor leadership at the nursing. However, nursing home abuse is never acceptable and should always be reported.

Victims of nursing home abuse could suffer serious injuries, including bedsores, broken bones, head injuries and sepsis or other serious infections. Nursing home injuries can also lead to death. If you have a loved one in a nursing home who you suspect may be a victim of abuse, you should report your suspicions to your state’s health department or another appropriate authority.

New Jersey and Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers

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