Personal Injury Lawyers: Deaths of Seven Babies Linked to SimplyThick Used in Infant Formula

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The Food and Drug Administration says the deaths of seven infants is being investigated to determine if they are a result of the children being fed SimplyThick, an additive used to help thicken infant formula or breast milk. The deaths were among 21 premature infants and one born full-term that developed inflamed intestines after they were given SimplyThick.

SimplyThick is a thickening gel used to help premature babies who have difficulty swallowing and keeping down liquids.

Personal Injury Lawyers: FDA Has Warned Parents Against Giving SimplyThick to Infants

Officials say SimplyThick should not be given to infants born before 37 weeks, babies who are receiving hospital care, or babies who have been discharged from the hospital in the past 30 days. The agency previously issued a warning to parents in May 2011 advising parents not to give premature babies SimplyThick because it may cause a tissue inflammation known as necrotizing enterocolitis. The FDA has since expanded that warning to infants of all ages.

SimplyThick is sold in individual serving packets and in 64-ounce dispenser bottles. It is available to consumers and at medical centers and can be purchased from distributors and pharmacies.

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