Personal Injury Lawyers Warn Parents About Hidden Risk Causing Injuries to Children on Playground Slides

By Joe Messa

May 02

Personal Injury Lawyers Warn Parents About Hidden Risk Causing Injuries to Children on Playground Slides

philadelphia personal injury lawyers, new jersey personal injury attorneysOrthopedic specialists have reported that a common injury to children results from toddlers riding down sliding boards while sitting on their parent’s lap. In fact, an 11-month study by Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, N.Y., found that nearly 14 percent of pediatric leg fractures involved children riding down the slide with a parent. In every case where an injury occurred, the child was three years old or younger. Personal injury lawyers urge parents to heed this warning regarding child safety at the playground.

According to doctors, the injury to the child occurs when the child’s foot gets caught on the side of the slide. If the child is riding alone, he or she can just stop moving or twist around until it comes free. However, the force of the adult’s weight behind a child while sitting on an adult’s lap can cause the leg to break. Most parents think they are keeping their child safe by preventing a fall, but experts say it is actually better for the child to slide alone.

Experts say the fracture injury to children is completely preventable. Parents and caregivers just need to be made aware of the risk involved with riding the slide with their child.

Personal Injury Lawyers Give Tips for Avoiding Injury on Slides

The best option for parents is to allow children to slide by themselves while closely supervising them. For younger children, experts recommend placing the child on the slide at the halfway point with a parent standing next to the slide.

Parents can also remove their child’s shoes before riding down the slide with the child on their laps, if possible. Also, be sure the child’s legs do not come in contact with the sides of the sliding board.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia and New Jersey

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